On gooseberries

Our midweek posts will tend to be short and sweet — a little teaser for the weekends to come, you might say. On today’s docket: Gooseberries! Like currants, gooseberries are part of the Ribes genus. You’ll usually see them in red or green, with red gooseberries skewing slightly more sweet than their green counterparts. It’s almost like eating a SweetTart, but, you know, better for you. Also like currants, gooseberries seem to be more well known outside of America — but here’s hoping we all can change that.


Depending on your gooseberries, you might see “tops” and “tails” — aka the nubby thing on one end and the slightly longer spindly thing on the other. If you’d like to remove them, simply slice off with a sharp knife, or, even easier, just pinch and twist them off with your fingers.

A few ways to use your gooseberries (beyond simply eating them straight):

Do you have any clever ways to use the berries? Share in the comments. See you back here Friday with market details, more recipes, and the answer to the question you’ve always wondered but never asked: What the heck are clingstone peaches?