What to do with all that fruit

peaches and berries.JPG

Greetings! Hope you’re enjoying these warm summer days and eating as much fruit as possible. We’ve been a bit boring and mostly have just been eating blueberries on yogurt and granola. (We made the yogurt and the granola, though, so perhaps it’s less boring than it sounds.)

For a little something beyond breakfast, Alison Roman just published several recipes using summer fruit in the New York Times, and we are here for it — especially this Summer Pudding With Blackberries and Peaches, made from layers of yogurt-spiked whipped cream, sliced bread soaked with berry juices, and of course, lots of blackberries and peaches.

If you’d prefer a savory direction for your fruit, add them to risotto (yes, risotto!!). We’ve tried all of these recipes and loved each and every one — but the Peach and Pancetta Risotto was our favorite.

For your other market produce: Do you have any melons? We recently brought home a super juicy cantaloupe from Garner’s Produce. We blitzed it up in a blender with a little cardamom to make a sort of juice/sort of smoothie situation, but next time we’re eyeing these mozz and prosciutto skewers.

If you’ve got eggplant, make yourself some baba ganoush. There are tons of variations on this dish from the Levant, so really, you can’t go wrong; taste as you go, don’t forget to add plenty of salt and a little lemon juice, and serve it with plenty of warm bread for dipping.

Here’s what to expect at markets this weekend. As always, remember to bring your reusable market bags/containers to transfer that delicate fruit into. And friendly reminder that we take back the teal berry cartons and red mesh berry toppers — we reuse them for as long as we can.

  • Lots and lots of tomatoes, in all sizes, shapes, and colors:

    • Kellogg's Breakfast

    • Cherokee Purple

    • Paul Robeson

    • Black from Tula

    • Brandywine

    • Green Zebra

    • Red Zebra

    • Sunsugar Cherry Tomatoes

    • Sweet Million Cherry Tomatoes

    • Carbon

  • White and yellow peaches

  • Donut peaches

  • White and yellow nectarines

  • A whole variety of plums

  • Blueberries

  • Blackberries

  • Champagne grapes!

  • Apples:

    • Earligold (sweet-tart, perfect for applesauce)

    • Magnum Bonum (fragrant and slightly tart)

    • Pristine (a distant relative of McIntosh and Starking Delicious)

    • Ginger Gold (a cross between Golden Delicious, Albemarle Pippin, and an unknown variety)

    • Sansa (sweet but not overly so; a cross between Japanese Akane and New Zealand Gala)

    • Zestar (a cousin to Honeycrisp)

    • Tsugaru (a cross between Golden Delicious and Orange Pippin)

Plus, our usual canned goods — apple sauce, apple butters, and more. See you there.