A quick little salad for all those heirlooms

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Did you pick up blackberries at the last few markets? The extra warm temperatures mean that those berries are extra sweet and juicy — we’ll have some again this weekend, so if you’ve been meaning to get some but have been putting it off, well, get some!

tomato, nectarine, cheese, repeat.JPG

Our stone fruits are in full swing too, of course, and we’ve got just the little thing to make with them: a super speedy nectarine, tomato, and cheese salad. It makes a lovely side to anything coming off the grill, or the perfect quick lunch when paired with a nice hunk of crusty bread. Here’s how to make it: Slice a few nectarines and arrange them on a plate, then add a sliced tomato or two (whichever type is ripe and ready, but we are partial to Green Zebra this time of year). Top with plenty of fresh, soft cheese — we got a small block of a mild, feta-like cheese from Keswick, our neighbors at the Bloomingdale Farmers market — and drizzle with a little olive oil. Add a few big pinches of salt (unless your cheese is particularly salty), and a few pinches of spicy pepper flakes, if you’d like. And that’s it! It’s so easy and fast, and incredibly satisfying.

How are you doing with the rest of your produce from your weekend haul? If you need to use up corn, might we suggest a batch of esquites? It’s corn kernels with crema, butter, queso fresco, and chiles — what more could you ask for? For all of summer’s fresh beans, we’ve been eyeing this easy blistered bean on miso butter situation for a while now. And we know you know this, but it’s worth repeating: Do not underestimate the glory of the tomato sandwich. We are partial to a Martin’s potato roll spread generously on both sides with mayo (use whatever brand you like. Use Miracle Whip for all we care!!), a few leaves of crunchy lettuce, and two big fat salted slices of tomato. We could eat this every day and be better humans for it.

That’s all for today’s suggestions — take care of yourself out there, and remember to enjoy the little things. Even if the little thing is a lot of mayo.