All pints are $6, growler fills are $12 for a 32 oz fill and $24 for a 64 oz fill, and all 22 oz bottles are $10 unless otherwise noted.

Below is our rotating ciders on tap, unless labeled BOTTLE ONLY:

GRIZZLY– Dry cider made with 100% smokehouse apples with a crisp and refreshing green apple finish. 

JD– Pink Lady Hard Cider aged in Jack Daniels Barrels.

PEAR– Refreshing, semi-sweet Bosc Pear cider.

PEACH – Sweet apple cider blended with white & yellow peaches.

SWEET SCARLET– Farmhouse blend semi-sweet apple cider infused with black currants. 

RED, WHITE & BLUEBERRY– A refreshing blend of apples and blueberries. 

BLACKBERRY - Sweet blend of blackberries & apples with a subtle tart finish.

APPLE GRAPE­– Sweet apple cider with an even sweeter concord grape finish.

COUNTRY BEAR - Sweet blend of apples and raspberries.

CITY BEAR– Specialty sweet cider made with a variety of apples.

DOWN UNDER– Sweet, crisp & refreshing cider made with Pink Lady apples. 

APPLE CRISP– Sweet honey crisp apple cider. *limited release*

Purchase a 32 or 64 oz growler glass for only $5, and bring it back for refills whenever you would like!


Not sure what you are looking for? Try a cider flight! 5 samples for $10.